The Journey of Faith: Navigating Life Above Average

I remember the day I made the request to have the “more” of my faith journey.  I was done with living a life of mediocrity.   Inside of me, a candle was lit with a desire to know and experience God’s love … this became the transforming force in my life.

When I began to internalize the nature of God’s love, I came to understand that it is constant, consistent and unchanging.   This truth began to empower me to be transformed from the inside out.  It gave me confidence in areas that I had only known insecurities.

As I surrender more areas of my life, He continues to develop my character so that I can become all I am meant to be. I have found it to be easier to extend love to others and replace my old habits of being judgmental.  As a result of being transformed and empowered to live a life of balance:

-I have overcome many of the fears in my life, not by avoiding them, but by trusting God to be with me as I face them.

– I have learned to simplify my life and utilize what I have, where I am, and what I need to learn, rather than fret and worry over what I don’t have or may be missing.

– In relationships, I am learning through humility to value others as God does.  Love, for me is the commitment to the welfare of another.  I simply make the effort to treat others as I would like to be treated.

– Through surrender, I have learned dependence on God.  His “yes” to seemingly simple requests provides assurance of His care for the details in my life.   Even the “no” answers now bring a peace in knowing that God is protecting me for a season or that He has something better in store.

– Even when I “blow it”, He brings light to areas that I need, when I allow His truth to expose the darkness in my soul.

– I am learning that anchored to Him I can live at peace, safe and secure, although chaos may be all around me.

– Prayer strengthens, renews and refreshes my soul.  It is where I gain courage to walk this journey and strength to endure what I don’t understand, and the patience to wait.

-I journal and relinquish all of my hurts, fears, anger, and disappointments.  In being emptied out, my passion for life is rekindled …

-Everything that I have experienced is a part of who I am today and the ability I have to become a source of hope and comfort to others.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Writer, Wife & Mom

3 thoughts on “The Journey of Faith: Navigating Life Above Average

  1. That is awesome, Sheri! Coming from you, I believe every word of it. I am not as surrendered as you are yet, but I know that God is willing and he is working in me still.


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