What Happens When Life Happens?™

As a Life Coach, there is ONE thing I understand… Life happens! 

In the midst of all we plan and hope to execute in our lives, there is no way around it, LIFE is not subject to our plans or convenience. 

In the Northeast US, no one was planning or ready for Sandy, the Super Storm. It is estimated now at $254 billion dollars in damage. Wow!  For the countless families that lived in the path of this horrendous storm, Sandy brought much uncertainty, and a devastating shift in their lives, one that will not be forgotten.

But what about in our own lives personally? What does happen when Life happens in a way that puts us out-of-control? How do we recover from corporate down-sizing? What about the loss of a spouse by death or divorce, or, the estrangement from a child or friend? How do we manage a health or financial crisis?

These tragedies are rarely something we plan? Yet, when they happen, we need a plan!

God often does His greatest work in the seasons that are most difficult for us. We do not go out looking for ways to build our faith muscle, but that is certainly part of God’s purpose for us. The key to a sustaining relationship with God, one that will carry us through the seemingly answerless seasons is getting to know Him intimately, which is the gift above all gifts.

Growing in intimacy with God (which brings spiritual maturity) is not something that you accomplish through self-discipline and willpower; it is opening yourself to receive His blessing. There is no magic bullet to this, neither is it rocket science.  The en route of this is as simple as sitting quietly in the Light of His Presence. Amazingly, you can sense peace growing within you.

Have you ever had a deep conversation with a trusted friend when you were perplexed about something? You probably didn’t walk away with all of your problems and concerns solved, but more than likely, you left with a lighter step and a clearer head. Your friend may have listened to your heart and encouraged you that things will work out.  It felt good to just be heard.

Establishing a deep connection with God, by sitting and soaking in His presence is the best conversation you can have. No need for wish lists, although you can tell Him yours if you have one. You can cry and tell Him life isn’t fair … He understands that, after all, He gave up His Son in an act of complete unfairness. And He is big enough and willing to listen to your heart’s cry.

The amazing thing that happens in these moments is that you clear your mind, and then He transforms it! It is difficult to be open to what good things can come from our struggles when we have so much swirling around in our heads. A daily time and space where we can come in hopes of receiving light for our path, can renew our spirits and give us strength to persevere.

Things don’t change or get corrected over night. But, everything does eventually work out for the best, if we make the best of how they work out.

It is easy to look around and see the obstacles and miss the direction in which we are heading. The obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the destination that you long to reach.

C.S. Lewis once said, “Ink is the cure for all human ills”. I have found that to be true and that is why I am an avid journal-er.  Recently my 7-year old niece visited and I was fascinated that she loved to write. She penned a little note for me and read it to me while I was preparing dinner. She told me that she had made a list of things I could do to keep calm. I was amazed at her insight.

When life happens, we still have choices. When we don’t know what to do… we can do the next basic right thing. That may simply mean to get some rest, eat a good meal, take a long walk or call a friend. It is whatever works for you.

When you realize that the speed of life that is happening in your world, isn’t what you signed up for, remember, God is doing His best work and He is preparing you for whatever is next. He doesn’t waste anything that happens to us.

And who knows, when the storm blows over, you may just discover things that you never saw. Storms cease. Peace remains. Only after you have found it in His presence.

Points to Ponder: Think of a time when it seemed your world fell apart, reflect on what God was doing, how you “made” it through, and what you gleaned from it. 

Case in Point: My husband lost his job in January of this year… after 9 months and countless interviews for a new job, God opened a door of opportunity and Jeff started his own home improvement business. The irony of it is that Jeff loves home improvements and projects that allow him to work with his hands have always been the way he would de-stress from his corporate job (33 years of cube-life). He never dreamed that he could be paid for doing what he loves. But God… had a plan.

So, never underestimate the day of a storm in your life, big or small, God hasn’t forsaken you… He will carry you. And, who knows, one day you may be writing or journalling your own story about what really happened when life happened!

Sheri Geyer is a Master Certified Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom

One thought on “What Happens When Life Happens?™

  1. Sheri,

    I agree that journaling (talking to God on paper) is a great way of dealing with the curveballs of life. Of course, talking to a good friend — like you — always helps too.

    Have a Victorious Day!


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