A Person-to-Person Call to God

God has given us a Prepaid Calling Card.  We have the equivalent of a cell phone with unlimited minutes.  We can call anytime, from any location.    The call is free – the answer is priceless.

Prayer Brings God into the Personal Picture of our lives.

  1. His arrival on the scene alters the face of affairs.
  2. We are reminded that someone Bigger is in Control.
  3. Prayers puts us in the right perspective in our way of thinking or acting, concerning our circumstances.

Prayer Causes us to Evaluate our Standing with God.

  1. For us to feel open to pray; we must first confess all sin that the Holy Spirit has pinpointed in our lives.
  2. God, then cleanses, purifies and forgives us.  We are ready to hear His direction and be obedient to His call.

When We Pray for Others, God changes things.

  1. He changes us; the victim, or one who is facing a difficulty.
  2. He changes the offender.  When we pray, we are calling on the Only ONE who can change people.
  3. Or He may change the situation.

God Always Answers Prayer:

  1. He says “Yes”, “No”, or “Wait”.  He hears and responds in  accordance with His will and plan.
  2. A Prayer of Surrender or Relinquishment takes the control out of our hands and causes us to release it to God.  He is Sovereign – and firmly in control.

Our Part in the Process:

  1. We must fully release the people, places, circumstances in our lives over to Him and allow Him to work His will.
  2. We must be willing to accept His direction – this is the place we can learn to trust as never before.
  3. We need to recognize that God is, and desires to be, involved in all the little intricate tapestries that make up our lives.

Remember Prayer is the Language that Communicates our love back to the Father.

  1. Right relationship with Him is best exemplified through communion with Him in prayer.
  2. Praying without ceasing allows us to keep the lines open – we express our love to Him and make our requests.
  3. Make every day a Day of Prayer in Your Little Corner of the World.   

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Writer, Wife & Mom

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