While I Wait…

Waiting is about developing an attitude of allowing God to grow me during times when I don’t have an answer for the questions I have about my life. It isn’t just about patience, but more about looking to God with expectation regarding what He is doing in my life and what He will bring into it.

During times of waiting, God strengthens me.  When I allow Him to use these opportunities to make me wise regarding methods He uses to provide a future and a hope for me, I gain so much from the time I invest simply waiting.

It is difficult to wait in a dark season. I am accustomed to not just standing there but to be “doing something”.

Recently in Atlanta, we had 2 inches of snow that began mid-morning on a Tuesday after schools and workplaces had convened. This resulted in some estimated 1.5 million people hitting the roadways within about one hour’s time and ultimately it created a gridlock. No one could get anywhere. People were in their vehicles up to 20 hours. Many walked home or to the homes of friends and even strangers offering lodging.  Whether you were the one in the vehicle or a family member waiting, it was not a pleasant place to be.

As I reflect back on those hours and think about all of those who had to be waiting, wondering, hoping, crying, experiencing discomfort as basic needs weren’t able to be met, I realize that it is in those times that we let go of our resistance to being a bit uncomfortable. Most of the time, we just want things to surround our comfort zone of knowing, or doing or being or whatever. We do not focus on the growth or understanding we can gain by being stretched a little.

The irony of the intense situation that we in Atlanta experienced, is the amazing stories of heroes and those willing to go out of their way for complete strangers. My question is “Why can we not lay aside our differences and make this an everyday practice?”

My belief is that in my normal way of doing life, I avoid anything that would require me to wait. I will push all the limits to stay busy as opposed to letting up, coming up to breathe and allowing myself to be refreshed by just “being”. I, perhaps, have adopted some belief that doing is superior to being. This often prevents me from having the time to be a little uncomfortable or inconvenienced by making an effort to reach out to others in a difficult situation. I am too busy “doing” to be able to offer any assistance.

I often hear my mom reminding me that I will learn to slow down my life to a more enjoyable pace as I age. When she first said that I was a bit resentful, thinking that would never be a possibility for me because there is always so much to be done. Until I learned that those were words of wisdom. Why would I want to postpone enjoying the daily rest God provides?

I am learning to sip my morning coffee or tea a bit more slowly. I am staying on course with my desire to have a daily quiet time to reflect on God’s goodness and blessing in my life. I cherish the opportunity to pray for the people or situations on my heart as I wait for God to reveal His plan.

More than anything, I am strengthened as my self-sufficiency is continually destroyed while I wait. When I am operating from the mindset that “I must ‘do’ this thing or it won’t get done”, that is an indicator that I am out of sync with God.

Avoiding the staleness that comes from being out of sync with Him has helped me to learn that waiting on His time allows me to be in one accord with His vision for me.

When I allow His Spirit to guide my days, I can experience a freshness all the time in the way I think, talk, write, and in simply living in relationship with others.

What are you waiting for today? Trust, with all of your heart, that God has a plan. And when you need to know it, He will reveal it to you. Reflect on His faithfulness and enjoying just being … in His presence!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Realtor, Wife & Mom

One thought on “While I Wait…

  1. Sheri,

    I’m waiting on God – sometimes restfully and sometimes not. Obviously, it’s better for everyone, especially us, when we can “rest” while we wait on Him knowing that His timing is perfect.

    Have a Victorious Day!



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