Why Am I Here?

Like many folks I’ve talked with, I grew up with a longing for that perfect place where I belong. I knew I was in a family who loved me. I felt safe and secure… but I believed that one day it would all come together for me in this life.

That led to a drive to pursue the goals that would lead to that mostly foggy, but greatly desired dream. That pursuit led to many hills and valleys in my life, all of which, I now realize, have been true learning curves, put in place by a faithful Father.

I lost my dad in an auto accident shortly after I turned nine. I had an amazing grandmother that I lived with most of my growing up years. God has always provided everything I’ve needed to find my path to Him.

It took quite a few years to realize that I was never truly “fatherless”. God had been there with me always through many difficulties in my life. It took me nearly 40 years to get a full understanding that His plan didn’t align with my earlier dreams that everything in this life would ultimately come together for me.

The dad that I knew was the one I mentioned. However, he was my adopted father. My mom got pregnant with me while dating my biological dad (making this a short story), and he took her to have an abortion. The doctor looked at the two of them and said to my mom, “Go home, you do not need to do this.” So she did and made plans to leave town to have her baby. She did not want to disgrace her parents in their small home town. Well, my dad ended up coming back and they got married, and then divorced before I turned 2.

When I learned this story in my teens, I struggled for some time feeling that I was never truly “wanted”, that I was just an accident. I now know, that I wasn’t an accident and that God has called me according to His purposes for me.

Because I was adopted, I knew love from another father. That led me to my Heavenly Father.

Because of my mother’s sacrifice, I learned the high cost of the price God paid for me through His Son, Jesus, to bring me to Him.

Because of my grandmother as my daily caretaker, friend, heart-mender, playmate, and example, I learned what it was like to have a Reliable Guide in the Holy Spirit.

I am not here for wealth or fame or houses or the possessions that were part of what my original dream in this life was about. I am free from the cares of those things. And, if God brings them, I have learned to love Him first and foremost, therefore, I can hold them, loosely.

In the past year, we have downsized to a small place and God has completely realigned the way we do life in this world. I have learned to thank Him for the changes, disappointments, pain, and various trials because they are the things that keep me close to Him.

So, when I think to myself, “why am I here?”, I realize that God hid me from the enemy’s plans for me and spared my life for one tremendous reason….

God “chose” me, because He wants to reveal Jesus Christ through my life!

He wants to do that through your life too….

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Realtor, Wife & Mom

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