A Season for Renewal

I’ve been in a season of rest – something I needed but it didn’t happen until an old knee injury decided to report for duty.  This has been a time of renewal for me, something I would never have considered.

I realize that I am on a journey of learning to make sure my reactions to the things that are happening in my life do not deny God’s presence in my life.  It is easy to become discouraged in the times when things do not go as I plan or hope they will. Discouragement is a normal experience, but they key is to manage the reaction so that others recognize that I am accepting of all of the seasons God allows in my life.

A preoccupation with gratifying my desire for comfort or convenience, accumulating material things or seeking others’ approval to support my desire to feel important are snares that cause my reactions to life issues to be disappointing and frustrating.  Pursuing these paths often can rob me of my peace and joy.

My focus, by contrast, can be to value the things God values: self-control, a spirit of generosity and a commitment to humble service.  Or to put it another way, to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. (Micah 6:8).

As I consider what this will look like in my life, the picture I get is one that allows for work each day that aligns with my being able to enjoy a balance of life and work (self-control). I am able to have a spirit of generosity and freely give of my time and resources as God leads, and trust Him to provide the opportunities (and the resources). Developing a heart of humble service to God (bringing Him glory) allows me to seek a simpler path and not be frazzled by trying to keep a record of all of my “good works” in an effort for God to accept my actions.

In this season and time of renewal, I have come to believe that I do not need to worry about what I “need” to be doing or what I might be “missing”. I simply need to avail myself today and each day to God, who has a path that I am to walk. His plans for me are not “cut and dried”, they are fresh and new every day.

Each day can host it’s own adventures, if I allow it to. If I relinquish any fear and / or control over how my day will play out, I am then free to operate according to God’s agenda, seek to do what honors Him and give it my best. And have the simple joy of knowing He accepts me.

I want to keep learning this pace of life and remain in a season of rest and renewal.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Realtor, Wife & Mom

2 thoughts on “A Season for Renewal

  1. Sheri,

    Rest and renewal sounds great! I know this is God’s will for us and I know that the more I trust Him the more I can rest in Him. When I rest, He will work in me and thru me and I will bear good fruit.

    Have a Victorious Day!



  2. It is my desire to live like Christ and it is often very difficult for me. When I am near you and read your words I know that you are walking close to God in your thoughts and actions that I witness each day. You are a true blessing to me. ~ Your Husband Jeff


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