Cloudy Ahead: Son Arising

You know how difficult it is to hear bad news from someone we care about. We feel like things aren’t fair when difficult things happen to good and kind people.

Today, I received news regarding 3 people I care about. The news seems dismal as I listen to the stories. I want to help. I feel sympathetic.

Sometimes we may feel that the news is a result of a less-than-best choice they made somewhere back in the past.

Regardless, we encourage. We pray. We wonder. We ponder. We think how it may happen to us.

What if….?

What if what they are facing right now is the best path for them to get to the best in their lives? What if this mountain or valley needs to be crossed? What if there are some things that need to be gained… and some that could do well to be lost?

That is often how God works in our lives. He allows difficult things to happen to us… in order that he can do some good things in our lives … and ultimately touch others’ lives for eternity through our lives.

My mom and I have been prayer partners for many years. At some point, we decided that often when we would begin praying for someone, their life would take a turn that appeared to bring struggles and concerns. However, as we would continue to pray we would watch as things began to change and improve and realize that they were being shaped in the process.

Facing difficulties is rarely something we would sign up for … but the blessings and understanding we can gain in the process can be priceless.

I have determined that it is now easier to pray for the difficult people in my life when I realize they may have to face things that will smooth down their rough edges and the relationship can change.

So, if it looks cloudy on your horizon today … just wait, the Son will arise in God’s timing to do all He has planned for you.

Share this post and a prayer for those you love and those you need to 🙂


Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Wife & Mom


3 thoughts on “Cloudy Ahead: Son Arising

  1. Hey Sheri,

    Loved your post . . . how are you? How is real estate?

    Amanda Amanda Cole, Associate Broker ~ Solid Source Realty

    Financial Advocate & Certified Life Coach ~ TwigNest Company *Attended & completed Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training phone: (404) 630-8080 ~ fax: (888) 761-8465 ~

    *Completion of Dave Ramsey’s Counselor Training does not create an employment or an agency relationship, or give any Counselor the right to speak for or bind Dave Ramsey or his company, The Lampo Group, Inc., nor does it constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Dave Ramsey.


  2. Thank you for a good post. I think you right as you feel like things aren’t fair when difficult things happen to good and kind people.


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