What Gift Can I Bring?

This Christmas Season,  in light of the bondage so many face on a daily basis, we can shed some light on the joy of freedom from fear.

(Luke 1:12-13) Zacharias and Elizabeth were just too old, too competent in their profession, too planned for their twilight years to take on this new venture, calling, paradigm…this ‘wild at heart’ John the Baptist baby who would “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children…”

When we experience this Freedom from Fear we can approach people who may be facing new assignments in life due to unexpected change, without fear. Some of them may compare the impact of your life on them like a visitation from an angel!

(Luke 1:30, 74) Teenager Mary knew what it meant for her to be pregnant out of wedlock in her day and culture…she had seen and heard the voices of mockery and shame that had intimidated and marginalized others in her day. Who would believe her dream and “visitation” and how would this affect the most important person in her life, Joseph?

Our Freedom in Christ helps us to conquer our own intimidating voices within so we can assist others as they tackle theirs. What assignments do others or we have that intimidates our own comfort zones or the ‘group think’ of those around us? Who are the significant people whose opinions are keeping us, or those we care about, from personal destiny significance? What ‘for such a time as this’ dreams are being busted by the intimidators who control the gateways of our lives?…here is the answer; YOU HAVE FOUND FAVOR WITH GOD!

Fear of INSIGNIFICANCE                                                                                             (Luke 2:9-10) Shepherds don’t count for much in any culture. Out in the hill country they could see the glow of the city where the VIPs lived their lives in significant busyness while they followed generations of sheep trails by day and quiet star gazing by night. Seems like the same old purposeless driven life….until they heard, UNTO YOU THIS DAY….”are you REALLY talking to ME?”

Staying the course on our individual searches for significance and not settling for the ordinary, requires support, encouragement and accountability. We are qualified by our own example of freedom to call the shepherds and the sheep around us to the higher ground of living their lives on target. We have discovered that the freedom is in the journey, not the arrival. The issue is what we are aiming at, not what we have hit. At the end of 2014 we simply need to ask others, and ourselves “What have we done with ‘Unto YOU this day has been given…’?”

Fear of INDECISIVENESS                                                                                                                     (Matthew 1:20) Joseph’s mind and heart was a battlefield of emotional and mental contradictions. Every decision was a lose/lose. Like so many indecisive men down the ages he felt he was caught in a double bind with no way out. Even not making a public example of Mary left him numb. He feared the consequences of every decision that his mind paraded before him.

Our steady and consistent turning to God and His Word, when all of the options seem to leave us paralyzed with indecisiveness, can help us be an example for others. We can encourage them as they learn to re-frame the situation, get another perspective on it, and come up with creative options that may have been overlooked. In days of political spin, corporate speak, and religious hype we can be a sounding board for others who can get the clarity that says “This is the way, walk in it”, “Choose this day…”, “As for me and my house, we will…”

Freedom is best known when the landscape is subject to the bondage of pessimism, anxiety, worry, dread, all contributing to a FEAR of the Future. That is why our own Freedom from Fear is the greatest qualification to coach and encourage others this Christmas and beyond. Here is your gift. Why not open it now so you can serve others and set the captives free from fear, one conversation at a time.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Realtor, Wife & Mom

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