Busy with What Really Matters

Being busy feels good and perhaps, productive. Busy may actually feel so good that it becomes the goal. This becomes problematic if you desire to accomplish what you have set out to do.

A bigger issue may be that you choose to busy yourself with meaningless efforts in order to avoid the difficult, more important jobs. Being busy can be an excuse to waste a lot of time.

Plenty of tasks can occupy your time. It may be that there is plenty that you need to do and your aimless busyness causes you to trade the important for the urgent.

The challenge is to spend your time in a way that enriches life by allowing you to serve and advance the efforts you love and care most about… which requires prioritizing.

Hold yourself to a high standard by making sure that you are working on meaningful things. Not only is that approach more satisfying, it is much more rewarding.

And you will trade up from simply “feeling” good to truly impacting people and projects for the greater good!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach and Realtor on The Geyer Home Team in Savannah, Georgia. 

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