Keeping it Simple

We often think of simplifying, down-sizing or minimizing our external possessions and living with only the essentials as denying ourselves of the good life. This journey isn’t so much about eliminating the number of shoes or books we own, how small the square footage of our house can be or giving away every non-essential item we own. It may be all of that, if there’s a deeper-seated issue that keeps us from a sense of gratitude and enjoyment of the things that we say are most important to us.

The quest for the true joy of not being “owned” by too much stuff and the required maintenance as well as an often overcommitted schedule required me to look deep internally. At which point, I discovered a dis-ordered heart.

For me, living an abundant life is a journey of intentional growth and learning to authentically live a simple life. Simplicity has become the clarity in which I find meaning. It’s the removal of the unnecessary. It’s the discovery of what I value most.

5 simple ways to live an abundant life through keeping it simple.

1. Simplify your wardrobeAdopting a minimal wardrobe has afforded me less stress when choosing what to wear each day. Eliminating items I rarely wear and only purchasing clothing, shoes and accessories that I feel most like myself in has given me more time each morning for the people and things I value.

2. Eliminate digital distractions. When meeting with someone, I intentionally allow my phone to take a coffee break. For me, multi-tasking simply means I am able to screw up two things at once! I work when I’m at work. I am intentional when I am in a meeting. I continually strive to remember that I own the phone, it does not own me!

3. Learn to be vacationally-minded in your work.  Changing the mindset in how we view our work can transform the way we work. It no longer becomes a balancing act of life and work, it becomes the essence of life itself. God designed us to create! Realizing that creating is our work makes getting up in the morning a lot easier. If the goal is only for a promotion, prestigious title, or a larger paycheck, it will not be enough to fulfill us in the long run. On vacation, we are intentional in getting the most out of the moment and creating the memories we want to keep. Focusing on the difference we can make by the work only we can do allows us to realize the value that only we can bring to our organization.

4. Learn to say no to things. It’s tempting to believe that saying yes to everything is the path to success. Often, in not wanting to miss anything, we sign up to do everything. These commitments and obligations can cause unnecessary stress and friction in our relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. The ability to say no provides space to focus on the things we value most. It’s not about being involved in everything, but rather learning not to trade off the “best” and settle for “good”.

5. Embrace the mundane. Life is truly lived in the morning coffee chats on the porch, car rides to school or work, standing in the grocery line talking to a neighbor, reading to your kids before bed time, caring for a loved one, walking the dog, and clearing off the dinner table as a family. It’s in the moments we often hurry past. These are the simple memories that last a lifetime. These are the experiences that write our story and shape our lives. It’s these simple things that matter and become the things we appreciate most.

I did not intentionally set out on a journey to simplicity, but in so doing, I can honestly say, I have found true abundance.

I invite you to consider what ‘keeping it simple’ could mean for you…

Sheri Geyer is a Realtor & Christian Life Coach

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How Does My Heart Grow? 

*This writing was inspired by my friend Brande ❤

Being easily offended or defensive when someone has a different opinion that does not support our views is a negative response that hinders emotional maturity. 

Allowing respectful diverse view points into our thinking helps us grow and gain insight from different perspectives. Limiting ourselves to ideas only from people who agree with us can inhibit or destroy significant relationships.

Assuming that we are being rejected if others do not perform as we desire or show support in our endeavors results in unhealthy thought processes. 

If we work to communicate with one another with kindness, patience, and understanding, we can cultivate ways to operate in love and empathy, opening opportunities for growth and strong relationships that impact us personally, spiritually and professionally. 

Might it be possible that God intended diversity to mature and teach us how to love in a way that transforms us as well as others? 

I believe it is worth pondering… 

Sheri Geyer is a Realtor & Christian Life Coach

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Life: A Balancing Act?

Sometimes it seems that life balance means simply juggling plates and successfully keeping them all up in the air. Consider what balance means in other processes. In accounting, things must add up. In physics, what goes up, must come down. In life, we can’t live like a gazelle being chased by a cheetah all the time — we’d be a code red, high adrenaline, super stress, possible heart attack or stroke waiting for a place to happen. 

Balance is more about a calm and stable mindset that allows us to make decisions based on personal values helping us learn to be intentional in the moment. Life balance may best be defined as the calmness and security of being able to manage the things we treasure, i.e. feelings, thoughts, talents, attitudes, behavior, personal well-being, etc. so in effect, we are able to assertively confront issues in life without a perpetual feeling of being overwhelmed. 

For me, personally, it’s about owning my life and choosing who and what to allow into it. This has made what is most important in my life — my relationships — more peaceful, loving and respectful. I don’t want to stress over things I’m unable to change. I want to have the energy I need when I’m required to manage necessary stress … and for the adventures I want to jump into with both feet! 

I want to focus on the truth that God will never allow more in my life than what I need to be all He desires for me. He will provide the resources, support and accountability I need. My job is to routinely take the initiative to renew my mind with His truth and love, and gain strength from those who support, encourage and hold me accountable to do what I say and finish what I start.

A consistent balance allows our lives to continually improve, not necessarily with more money or more stuff, but by simply having an awareness that every day holds challenges and successes, and that truly what we look for is what we will find, be it good or bad. 

As for me, I choose to live with the mantra, that indeed, Life is Good and, I’ve got the tee shirt to prove it! 

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Writer, Wife & Mom

Encourage Enlightenment 

Each of us has a powerful message in our hearts. God ignites a candle in all of us. Once we come to the understanding of ‘why’ we are here, our pursuit becomes to find the ‘what’ that we are to be doing. 

We often have big dreams of doing great things! We imagine the view from the top and it is the finished project and in our ‘vision’ it is fabulous. Then we roll up our sleeves to begin the grunge work. Not as delightful as our envisioned view from the top!

How do we gain and retain the motivation to stay the course? To build the house, write the book, start the business, make the long term commitment? 

I believe we do this by encouraging the process of enlightenment in our lives. We begin the process of establishing the small, often simple, daily habits that lead to success in our endeavors. This will be a different recipe for each of us based on our unique desires and personality. It’s the variety of life that opens us up to be enlightened. 

These habits are established by drawing a firm line in the sand and determining our willingness to do whatever it takes to experience the growth we each need on a personal level. This is the grunge work! 

To be successful in implementing our daily plans (the series of simple daily habits), we must first breakthrough our resistance to the things that will be diabolically opposed to our success. These will be different for everyone because each one of us is a unique individual. 

These little “oppositions” may come in the form of negative attitudes, self-berating words, limiting beliefs, fear and doubt, laziness, believing the things about ourselves that come from an internal or external critical evaluator, and a possible myriad of other factors. 

Finding the support and encouragement we need requires pro-activity. This involves putting one foot in front of the other and diffusing every thought, word or behavior that begs to do otherwise. 

Another much needed addition to our lives to be our best (read: ‘our best’ NOT ‘the best’ – usually a fear or characteristic that impedes growth and success), is accountability. Allowing ourselves to build strong and trustworthy relationships helps us set in motion the relational capital with significant relationships, whereby, we give permission to someone to raise the questions that help us to stay on track. 

This whole picture equates to living the authentic life God has designed for each of us. Authenticity requires vulnerability and transparency. No more hiding and deceiving ourselves about the what, when, way and how our best life can happen!

As we live in authentic relationship with others, and they see our willingness to truly be ‘who’ we are, we give them permission to be who they are as well. 

This is what I like to call ‘Encouraging Enlightenment’. 

If we give and receive acceptance and freedom to be the person we truly are (requires relinquishing what isn’t working), we give others the gift of strength to step into a growth plan that affords them the same opportunity. 

Acceptance and freedom from pretense and judgment are key players in learning to live our best life. We create that for ourselves but not by ourselves, by choosing to lay down our resistance and step into the growth process. 

And why, you ask. Because our relationships, work, business, and our world, will only grow as much as we do! 

What is it that may be hindering you from your best life? Find your encouragement and be open to enlightenment. 

You will never be the same! And you can thank yourself later 😊

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach and Realtor on the Geyer Home Team in Savannah, Georgia.

What Gift Can I Bring?

This Christmas Season,  in light of the bondage so many face on a daily basis, we can shed some light on the joy of freedom from fear.

(Luke 1:12-13) Zacharias and Elizabeth were just too old, too competent in their profession, too planned for their twilight years to take on this new venture, calling, paradigm…this ‘wild at heart’ John the Baptist baby who would “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children…”

When we experience this Freedom from Fear we can approach people who may be facing new assignments in life due to unexpected change, without fear. Some of them may compare the impact of your life on them like a visitation from an angel!

(Luke 1:30, 74) Teenager Mary knew what it meant for her to be pregnant out of wedlock in her day and culture…she had seen and heard the voices of mockery and shame that had intimidated and marginalized others in her day. Who would believe her dream and “visitation” and how would this affect the most important person in her life, Joseph?

Our Freedom in Christ helps us to conquer our own intimidating voices within so we can assist others as they tackle theirs. What assignments do others or we have that intimidates our own comfort zones or the ‘group think’ of those around us? Who are the significant people whose opinions are keeping us, or those we care about, from personal destiny significance? What ‘for such a time as this’ dreams are being busted by the intimidators who control the gateways of our lives?…here is the answer; YOU HAVE FOUND FAVOR WITH GOD!

Fear of INSIGNIFICANCE                                                                                             (Luke 2:9-10) Shepherds don’t count for much in any culture. Out in the hill country they could see the glow of the city where the VIPs lived their lives in significant busyness while they followed generations of sheep trails by day and quiet star gazing by night. Seems like the same old purposeless driven life….until they heard, UNTO YOU THIS DAY….”are you REALLY talking to ME?”

Staying the course on our individual searches for significance and not settling for the ordinary, requires support, encouragement and accountability. We are qualified by our own example of freedom to call the shepherds and the sheep around us to the higher ground of living their lives on target. We have discovered that the freedom is in the journey, not the arrival. The issue is what we are aiming at, not what we have hit. At the end of 2014 we simply need to ask others, and ourselves “What have we done with ‘Unto YOU this day has been given…’?”

Fear of INDECISIVENESS                                                                                                                     (Matthew 1:20) Joseph’s mind and heart was a battlefield of emotional and mental contradictions. Every decision was a lose/lose. Like so many indecisive men down the ages he felt he was caught in a double bind with no way out. Even not making a public example of Mary left him numb. He feared the consequences of every decision that his mind paraded before him.

Our steady and consistent turning to God and His Word, when all of the options seem to leave us paralyzed with indecisiveness, can help us be an example for others. We can encourage them as they learn to re-frame the situation, get another perspective on it, and come up with creative options that may have been overlooked. In days of political spin, corporate speak, and religious hype we can be a sounding board for others who can get the clarity that says “This is the way, walk in it”, “Choose this day…”, “As for me and my house, we will…”

Freedom is best known when the landscape is subject to the bondage of pessimism, anxiety, worry, dread, all contributing to a FEAR of the Future. That is why our own Freedom from Fear is the greatest qualification to coach and encourage others this Christmas and beyond. Here is your gift. Why not open it now so you can serve others and set the captives free from fear, one conversation at a time.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Realtor, Wife & Mom

Fact vs. Feeling

“How are you feeling today?”

“My feelings were hurt.”

“I’m not feeling it.”

It would be a nice reminder to respond to the “facts” about our life situations if people asked us, “What is true about your life today?”, or “What is going on that you can impact to make a difference?” This, possibly, could become a trigger to think on what is true about our lives as opposed to what we “feel” is true about our lives.

We can easily become overly concerned about what we ‘think” someone else is ‘thinking’ regarding us. When, in actuality, we or our situation may be the furthest thing from their minds.  When I begin thinking along these lines, I often chuckle to remind myself that I am onlykind of a big deal’ in my own mind. 🙂

Picture a train, the engine is the power that drives it and the caboose (when they were used) served to house the crew responsible for track switching and acting as lookouts for load shifting or other concerns.  If we regard the TRUTH about our lives as the engine of the train that drives us, we can move along empowered by making decisions based on what we know to be right. If, on the other hand, we are led by our FEELINGS, it is as if we are letting the caboose engineer our life train and we become disempowered because we can be on a roller coaster driven by emotions and not truth. It is stressful and chaotic at best and ultimately results in, you guessed it, a train wreck!

Avoiding this mindset of feelings-driven living, requires us to be intentional in cultivating a belief system that is grounded in the truth about any given situation. This is the truth about what is and not what only may be or could be. It is recognizing the things we have the power to change as well as the ones we will need to learn to accept because we cannot change them.

When I meet or speak with folks and the discussion involves facts vs. feelings, I often recommend that they get an index card and on one side, write: “What am I feeling about the current situation I am facing?” And on the flip side, I suggest they write: “What is true about the current situation I am facing?” This can really prove to be a game-changer if you are prone to lean into your feelings, which are nothing more than assumptions about the way you believe that something is going to turn out.

It is much less stressful and more enjoyable to face facts and adjust to what is true than it is to be carried on the winds of our feelings whereby we are up and down and never really sure what is true and what to expect.

Regardless of our feelings or emotions, we can choose to do the next basic right thing. Putting this choice into practice will serve well in developing a belief system that, “what is fact is true”, and “what is assumed, is yet to be determined”.

And remember, our feelings follow our actions, so choose what is the next best thing you need to do and do it… the right feelings will come along in due time!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Wife and Mom

Cloudy Ahead: Son Arising

You know how difficult it is to hear bad news from someone we care about. We feel like things aren’t fair when difficult things happen to good and kind people.

Today, I received news regarding 3 people I care about. The news seems dismal as I listen to the stories. I want to help. I feel sympathetic.

Sometimes we may feel that the news is a result of a less-than-best choice they made somewhere back in the past.

Regardless, we encourage. We pray. We wonder. We ponder. We think how it may happen to us.

What if….?

What if what they are facing right now is the best path for them to get to the best in their lives? What if this mountain or valley needs to be crossed? What if there are some things that need to be gained… and some that could do well to be lost?

That is often how God works in our lives. He allows difficult things to happen to us… in order that he can do some good things in our lives … and ultimately touch others’ lives for eternity through our lives.

My mom and I have been prayer partners for many years. At some point, we decided that often when we would begin praying for someone, their life would take a turn that appeared to bring struggles and concerns. However, as we would continue to pray we would watch as things began to change and improve and realize that they were being shaped in the process.

Facing difficulties is rarely something we would sign up for … but the blessings and understanding we can gain in the process can be priceless.

I have determined that it is now easier to pray for the difficult people in my life when I realize they may have to face things that will smooth down their rough edges and the relationship can change.

So, if it looks cloudy on your horizon today … just wait, the Son will arise in God’s timing to do all He has planned for you.

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Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Wife & Mom