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Radical Obedience

I am a member of a church I love! It feels so much like family that I believe it provides a glimpse of what heaven will be like when we are all gathered in His Presence.

I delight in being a part of a fellowship that keeps me awakened to having a heart of mercy and compassion. My challenge comes when I consider how at times I have allowed myself to be lulled into thinking that what happens for God for good only happens inside the church building at a worship service.

Looking back at where I have been I am acutely aware that great things happen at church and this is where we are equipped and raised up to go into our little corners of the world and influence others to become whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ.

Out of the brokenness in the journey of my life, I have a stronger sense of what I believe to be the call of Christ on us as His church. I like to think of it as radical obedience. I believe this is a a call to make a difference in our world by reaching out to connect and get to know our neighbors in ways that may seem radical in our culture. We are all busy doing life but not necessarily enjoying it. Perhaps, this could be the game-changer!

Some time back, I rode through a neighborhood of older homes which housed families of fixed or limited incomes. Many were gathered on front porches, children were playing in the yards and on sidewalks together and though the means appeared to be limited, the genuine care and nurturing of one another was anything but lacking. It made me smile to remember many such times gathered together with folks on my grandmother’s front porch.

This image in my mind has convinced me that this is the picture of the true church. It is connecting where we live, work and play and not just where we go and all sit in the same building on Sunday. This is how a true family is built where time is spent building genuine, loving relationships. This is where we gain vision, encouragement, and support. And much needed guidance.

In these relationships the love of Christ is evident as we seek to develop a fellowship first with God and then taking what we hear in our quiet places and sharing that message with the world.

Once we experience the simple beauty of the sacred fellowship that comes when two or more are gathered together and realize He is in our midst, it adds a richness to our lives that we will not want to live without.

It is a depth that goes beyond the tradition of the church to a relationship with an untamed God, who is radical in His great love for us! It is an invitation to live trembling with joy in the presence of a holy God with a radical obedience, having the experience of a radical grace that compels us to know and serve this amazing God all of the days of our lives.

I have reflected on these ideas as a result of having a season of R E S T as I prepared for and said goodbye to my mother, as she recently passed from this life into the arms of Jesus. God wastes nothing and I’ve needed each season that He has allowed in my life, even the ones that are difficult.

What is it that God may be calling YOU to be radical about? And what are you preparing as your answer to Him?

Radical things happen in our own lives when we say “Yes, God”!

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Realtor, Wife & Mom

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Life: A Balancing Act?

Sometimes it seems that life balance means simply juggling plates and successfully keeping them all up in the air. Consider what balance means in other processes. In accounting, things must add up. In physics, what goes up, must come down. In life, we can’t live like a gazelle being chased by a cheetah all the time — we’d be a code red, high adrenaline, super stress, possible heart attack or stroke waiting for a place to happen. 

Balance is more about a calm and stable mindset that allows us to make decisions based on personal values helping us learn to be intentional in the moment. Life balance may best be defined as the calmness and security of being able to manage the things we treasure, i.e. feelings, thoughts, talents, attitudes, behavior, personal well-being, etc. so in effect, we are able to assertively confront issues in life without a perpetual feeling of being overwhelmed. 

For me, personally, it’s about owning my life and choosing who and what to allow into it. This has made what is most important in my life — my relationships — more peaceful, loving and respectful. I don’t want to stress over things I’m unable to change. I want to have the energy I need when I’m required to manage necessary stress … and for the adventures I want to jump into with both feet! 

I want to focus on the truth that God will never allow more in my life than what I need to be all He desires for me. He will provide the resources, support and accountability I need. My job is to routinely take the initiative to renew my mind with His truth and love, and gain strength from those who support, encourage and hold me accountable to do what I say and finish what I start.

A consistent balance allows our lives to continually improve, not necessarily with more money or more stuff, but by simply having an awareness that every day holds challenges and successes, and that truly what we look for is what we will find, be it good or bad. 

As for me, I choose to live with the mantra, that indeed, Life is Good and, I’ve got the tee shirt to prove it! 

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Writer, Wife & Mom

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Out of Control … And Living Free

To let go of anchors of hurtful things from the past, it is imperative that we let go of the illusion that we are actually in control.  It is God who providentially guides and directs the circumstances of life. He looks at the mess, the rubble, the fall out and sees something beautiful.  In our hurt, pride, anger, blame, and with all our wounds, we are unable to see us through His eyes. In our brokenness He affirms that He has a plan and a purpose for each of us.  He replaces despair with hope and anchors us to a firm foundation in Christ.

Control is married to fear.  Whatever we are fearful of becomes the thing or situation that we are tempted and / or determined to control.   In an effort to control circumstances and situations, we often create the very chaos that we make every effort to avoid.
Since we are unable to determine the outcome in any situation and often think each circumstance is the “end of the world”, we really are incapable of being in control.  Even with all human effort, we are at God’s mercy in how each life issue will work out.The beauty is that we can rest in Him as we wait on how He directs our paths and orchestrates what we need to learn in each given opportunity.  What we may judge negatively can be used by God to instruct us in righteousness and in the growth we need for our journey.
In struggles with disappointments, failures, and unmet expectations, we can find that the key to true happiness is consciously making the choice to leave the past behind.  Neither money, possessions or people can bring lasting happiness.  It is in realizing that love, forgiveness, and repentance are all choices that bring right thinking and right relationships.  Our perception of self, others, life, work, etc. is the springboard for how well we manage mental and emotional stress.
Transformation is when hearts are changed and then actions and thoughts will follow.   Before making a decision to devote time, energy or money to a particular thing, consider the fruit it will bear. Living on Purpose is a choice that is made moment by moment and not in the “heat” of heightened emotions, fears or distress.The only true thing we have the ability to control is “self”.  In our efforts to avoid dealing with establishing healthy and safe boundaries aka “self-control”, we often trying to control external issues, i.e. other people, circumstances etc. This only leads to more anxiety. It is truly out of our hands.  Establish safe habits and enjoy the security that having control over self brings.


Self-control allows us to live, love, work, save, eat, drink … all in moderation. This, in turn, equates to a better sense of balance and security, in that, we don’t have to juggle feelings of guilt for engaging in destructive behaviors.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom

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Kindness & Respect: Key to Happy Relationships

* Being really good friends is a gift

* Laugh at yourself; don’t take yourself too seriously; you will become much easier to be around

* Kindness is one or the primary ingredients in nourishing a warm feeling between two people

* Kindness is about treating your partner and others the way you would like to be treated.

* Kindness practiced daily is key to a lifetime partnership.

* When your heart is open and you’re sharing your love with others, you’ll draw love of all kinds in your direction

* Pausing a moment when our partner is finished speaking to think before we speak is the essence of having a loving relationship that doesn’t have to be so complicated.

* The characteristics that define a loving relationship are a loving heart, thoughtfulness, generosity, a lack of jealousy, kindness, shared values, trust, integrity, etc. Own your own stuff.

* Happy, non-frustrated couples tend to do things their own way and make up their own set of rules. Instead of looking over their shoulders to see if they are getting approval from others, they discover for themselves what brings them joy, and they live their lives their own way.

* When you respond with love, you’re in a position to experience loving interaction and a successful partnership. You’ll be non-defensive, non-reactive and accepting. You will find that everything important in your relationship will auto-magically fall in place, including the difficulties.

* Love heals. When you respond with love, your partner respects you, loves you, wants to be with you, and wants you to be happy. Responding with love helps your partner to see his or her flaws w/o feeling defensive or threatened. Respond with love and all will be well.

* If your partner isn’t free to share his dreams with you w/o criticism, he will stop sharing – guaranteed. If you can’t share your fears w/o being lectured, you’ll turn to others who will listen.

* There is tremendous freedom that comes with the acceptance of change. Embracing change means that you stop demanding that life be anything other than it really is in the moment.

* When you over-analyze anything that bothers you, you’ll end up a little discouraged, frustrated or angry. As you back off negative thinking, your irritation begins to diminish and your loving feelings will return.

* A happy person is more likely to be easier to be with, a better listener, a more passionate lover, more inclined to share in the joy of others, more giving and compassionate and more likely to make decisions that enhance the quality of a relationship.

* Sharing your dreams, hopes, and desires with each other deeply connects two people.

* When your heart is filled with love, your partner will sense it, drop his defenses and usually return to a more loving feeling.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom

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Secrets to Growing Successfully …

~ Fear is the biggest hindrance to stepping out toward success. It is mental and emotional and can be eliminated. Convert fear to energy by changing thoughts; it is not about the #s or the $$. It’s about being my best.

~ Whenever you purpose to become your best at whatever you do — everything else will show up!

~ The Secret to Success is to Work Hard!

~ Don’t worry about the words or technique — concentrate on the message. Work to make the content compelling.

~You become what you think about all day long.

~Cultivate a minimum of 20 minutes every morning of “think time” to quietly reflect on lessons learned or challenges overcome. Read something from the Bible or an inspirational devotional to renew your mind.

~In meetings and networking, seek immediate engagement by asking questions about the other person.

~Thinking you can and being prepared brings self-confidence. You must have a belief in whatever it is that you do that is so strong that it is impossible to penetrate.

~ Think about creating and keeping loyal clients. Even in groups, it’s all about one on one.

~ You must adopt the belief that a client is better off for having met with you.

~ To enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, we must love what we do and be prepared for each meeting with clients.

~ To get better at marketing day by day, consider that it is a daily journey toward a bigger goal. This is the “science of selling / marketing”.

~ Ask questions that requires others to think. Engaging people at a emotional level is foundational for building authentic relationships.

~People want to know how they can produce, profit and succeed. Be an excellent resource for those in your sphere of influence.

~My job is to uncover motives of why people need coaching and know the answers to each one.

~Ask questions that engage emotions to discover the barriers [unspoken risks] that people experience.

~ Questions are the heart of building a relationship. Ask and then invest time listening. The right questions will aid in determining the right results.

~ Fear is best overcome by preparedness.

~ We can’t truly succeed and fully enjoy it, unless we’ve had a few failures.

~ Develop network skills. Go to where clients are. Pick a charity and invest yourself.

~ Social media is the industry to watch. Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are making a huge impact in influencing how people are determining their needs, wants and purchases. The key is to have something of value to say that can influence decisions.

~ Add pizzazz to voicemail. Decide to be willing to be / do the best you can.

~ Provide info that assist clients in determining their success.

~Writing is the key to the Law of Attraction; be prepared to inform those who are seeking answers.

~ To serve is to rule. Talk to your clients like you would to your grandma.

~Find something personal that speaks to people and make every effort to do something memorable.

~The better the relationship, the better the listening.

~How do I feel about myself? Do I win or whine? My attitude about me determines how successful I can become.

~I need to cultivate a great attitude, a deep belief in, and love for, what I do, continual preparedness, self-confidence and the ability to be a continual student.

~The person who knows how will always have a job; the person who knows the why will always be the leader.

~Don’t quit too soon! Become the best you can be. First Class is a person not a seat!

~Loving what I do makes every day a holiday.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Writer, Mentor, Wife & Mom

Contentment, Life Coaching, Path of Peace, Simple Wisdom for Living

Consistency ~ brings balance to life…

My mom gave me one piece of advice concerning parenting when my, now 26 year old, Angel, was born. “Be consistent. Say what you mean and deliver what you promise.”

This took some time to make sense in my life. At 24 balance was having the ability to carry three glasses of water at one time. Over time, and the blessings of two other daughters, AnnaLynne, now 24 and Rachel, now 22, Mama’s words have been the guiding force in my efforts to achieve a deepening relationship with my girls in their adult lives.

Consistency builds confidence in relationships. The balance comes when we have established a history of saying what we mean and meaning what we say.  It is not an easy task, but one we often look for in others.

Someone once said about parenting, “if your aim is to raise a rebel, all you need to do is send a kid mixed messages”.  Say one thing, do another.  Easy to do, hard to overcome. Gone are the days of “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do”.  Children are catching more than we realize. Certainly more than we are teaching.  Newsflash for me was that I cannot teach what I don’t know or what I won’t do. I am ill-equipped to lead where I will not go.

Observe a young child at play and watch how they routinely do things.  If they drop their cup and it’s picked up, they learn the game really quick. It’s fun to have someone’s undivided attention. The game last until the older person calls it.  Consistently in life equates to a secure feeling. Routine is just plain comfortable.

We like our normal.  Several months after 9/11, I heard someone say on the radio that people had been “overly” nice since the tragedy. He was hoping to receive an unkind “gesture” while driving to work on the New Jersey turnpike just so he could  have his “normal” expectations of life back.

In coaching boundaries, as I begin working with a client, I encourage them to find support through people who respect their right to say yes or no at will and not out of obligation.  In order to practice giving or serving out of their freedom, I suggest that if they are unable to fully commit to an event or project, that they decline. If things work out to sign on to the plan, it is easier to turn a “no” to “yes” than turning a “yes” to “no”.  It’s a better way to win friends and the influence is positive because people come to trust when they experience people who do what they say. Then, in committing to the task, it’s a fully intentional effort with no resentment for feeling “bulldozed” into doing something they really didn’t want to do.

The voice that speaks for us should be our own. A consistent voice that considers the impact our words or actions may have on another before we do them; yet a voice that agrees to do life as we choose and not out of fear of the reactions of others.

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Writer, Wife & Mom