Spring Cleaning: What Do You Need to Eliminate?

I am convinced that when I let go of what’s not working for me, I become, in that circumstance, all I’m supposed to be. For instance, if I have too many “might-use-it-someday” items in my closets, garage, attic or basement and I de-clutter, it is so liberating for me.

There may be some things in our relationships that need to be de-cluttered as well. This can provide the opportunity for us to experience a simple, more effective way to communicate and connect.

We may communicate our intention to strengthen relationships by simply asking those we care about “how” we might help them as opposed to telling them what they need and what they should do. It can be an awesome gift for someone when we lay aside our agendas and focus on being the one that will give them the opportunity to truly be heard. Listening is truly a low-cost and extremely effective way to invest in others. It empowers people when they know they are heard. They feel respected and valued.

When we choose to eliminate the unnecessary clutter in our lives and relationships we can experience more peace and become less inclined to try to control things that we aren’t responsible to manage. It is those people, things, situations, responsibilities that we cannot or do not have the guarantee of a certain result that tempt us to control, manage and regulate.

Relinquishing our desire to be in the “know” and have all of our plans well-laid, can set us free to experience pleasant surprises and be open to new and valuable insights.

It is my continual prayer that God will remind me to be open to anything but not attached to the point that I become inflexible. When we model positive attitudes and behaviors they can become contagious. Amazingly enough, letting go for us can help others to grow and be stretched in ways they may have never thought to be possible.

Today is our opportunity to choose the path of peace. Life is best served in moderation, whether it’s food, projects, spending, working etc. Pursue the balance and live un-anchored to the stress of things that fill our time but empty our tanks.

Pursuing the Best….

Sheri Geyer is a Christian Life Coach, Realtor, Writer, Wife & Mom