“It has been my pleasure to know Sheri as a friend and professional for the past eight years. I’ve found her to be a caring, good listener, with a sense of understanding what is going on in ones life and where it fits into Gods master plan. I would highly recommend Sheri as a life coach as I value a coach who has been tested and proven. Sheri as a mom, wife, and business professional is the kind of coach that will help you improve. Sheri’s commitment to people development is what makes her a great coach.”     Top qualities: Personable, Creative ~ Dennis Worden

“I have known Sheri since July of 2009 and Sheri is always a breath of fresh air. Sheri is enthusiastic and honest, as well as an inspiration. As the mother of three teenage daughters, I have looked to Sheri for advice because of her success in raising her three beautiful girls and I also have had much success in the raising of mine. Sheri’s writings are also very inspirational and her knowledge on life and what is “important” is very impressive. Sheri has a gift of keeping you grounded and focused on the things that truly matter in life, while giving guidance on how to achieve your goals. Sheri has been a gift in my life and I would highly recommend her as a coach and mentor.”
Melinda Delsin, Assistant Manager, Ten Thousand Villages

“I’ve known Sheri for about 10 years now and though we have only met face to face once, she has really made a difference in my life in many ways that she may not even realize. Upon our first meeting, I immediately noticed her strong christian values, and positive energy. What an amazing woman of faith. I would highly recommend her.”  /  Stacey Crisp, Insurance Agent

“Though I haven’t worked with Sheri professionally, I’ve come to respect and appreciate her advice and counseling skills. Sheri quickly gets to the heart of any issue and offers reasonable and practical guidance. She’s a very warm and genuine person, with a wealth of life experiences, both good and bad, which makes her not only easy to talk to, but also able to speak from personal experience on many of life’s complicated issues.”  Eric Chaney, Editor

“Sheri is my wife. Her commitment to the good life and to the good in others has been a very special thing to watch. She continually focuses on how to be the best coach ever. Sheri has an innate ability to provide Godly wisdom, support and guidance for those who have challenging life events. She uses her energy to serve others to become their very best. She focuses on healthy communication and has helped me to develop good boundaries with challenging people in my life. I recommend Sheri because I know that she will always do her best to help others.”   Top qualities: Expert, Creative      Jeff Geyer, VP of Operation, Family Intervention Specialists

“Sheri has all the qualities required to be an excellent Life coach. She is a strong Christian and uses biblical guidelines for her life and direction. She has raised very successful children- mostly on her own. Sheri has run a successful free standing business that requires great people skills. She has a wonderful attitude and perspective that can transform just about any situation for the better. Perhaps best of all, she puts the needs of others above her own. Her heart is in the right place. She is the real deal and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to better themselves and their personal situation.”  Top qualities: Personable, Expert
John Montgomery,  VP Sales

“Sheri is a very astute and empathetic listener. I’ve known her for several years and each time we met she was very upbeat and seems to genuinely enjoy her work and helping the people around her. I know that in whatever endeavor you and Sheri work on together, that you will find her very attentive to your needs and a pleasure to work with.” Top Qualities:  Personable, Creative Beth Copenhaver, Consultant

“If you need someone to talk to without judging, Sheri would be your girl. She is an excellent listener and coach. Her passion is people. Sheri is very caring and authentic.    She is an invaluable friend.” Shelly Poore, Graphic Artist

“Sheri is one of the most genuinely honest and caring individuals I know. These qualities touch every aspect of her personal and professional endeavors.”
Debbie Combs, Hair Stylist, Salon Doremi

“I’ve known Sheri for several years now and consider her a great friend. She has a heart for people, is a willing and compassionate listener, and always offers sound advice. She has great insight and is full of faith; she grows from her experiences and uses lessons learned to help others see their own circumstances from a fresh, constructive perspective. I highly recommend her as a coach.”
Gregory Lang, Volunteer, Perimeter Church, Author, Photographer

“I have found that Sheri is enthusiastic and insightful in her work as a leadership coach. She well grounded in her beliefs and is very attentive to the needs of her clients. I have always been very comfortable interacting with Sheri.”
John Chaney, Pharmacy Manager, Southern Illinois Healthcare

“I have known Sheri for several years and have been very impressed with her listening ability; sound judgment, honesty and upbeat demeanor. She is a compassionate person who enjoys helping others.”
Mark Livsey, MD. Owner, Allergy and Asthma Consultants P.C.

“Sheri is a good listener and knows her field well. Her suggestions were always right on the mark and were very valuable to me.”  Top qualities: Personable, Expert
Carey Fisher, Business Owner

“I have had the opportunity to work with Sheri on multiple occasions in varying aspects. I can personally attest that she is a wonderful soul with fine moral character. The skills she provides are based upon a lifetime of experience in helping people get what they want. I hope you too experience this rare gift. It is a wonderful sight to behold and even better to benefit from.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable
Susan Sanders, DC. Business Owner

“Sheri is an excellent Professional Leadership Coach. We met in 2009 and she provided me with valuable insight into career choices, boundaries, and decision-making processes. Mostly, she encouraged me to pursue my dream, which I am now doing. I highly recommend her.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert
Sherry Watson, Business Owner

“Sheri is very dependable and committed. She has integrity and will finish what she says she will do. Sheri is a person of strong faith and you can rely on her for quality counsel.”   Top qualities: Personable, Good Value  John Manderscheid

“I have known Sheri for a few years. Sheri is an honest, hard working dedicated individual. Professionalism and organization are important assets she possesses. Sheri has integrity and if she has agreed to do something she will perform as agreed. She is punctual as well as personable. I personally think she makes people feel comfortable around her based on her genuine personality.”
Top qualities: Personable, On Time   John Walrath, Attorney

“Sheri is one of the most genuine and honest people you’ll ever meet – true to the core. Her ability to listen and communicate solutions is something I have always respected. I would recommend Sheri wholeheartedly.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable James Madden, PR Consultant

“Sheri is very knowledgeable & detailed oriented with her work. She has always been a trustworthy & reliable when helping others work through any situation which comes forth. Sheri has been a inspiration for a new look on life. Once you get to know her you will understand why she is so delightful to work with. I look forward to working with her again in the near future, she has a lot of experience & always looks forward in helping to make a brighter day.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert  Scott Zwickel, Business Owner

“As a business person, Sheri has demonstrated her ability to understand the value of building positive relationships. I have witnessed first hand where she has chosen to maintain the chain… to develop such relationships and willing help others. She has my trust.”  Top qualities: Personable, Creative Bill Given, Business Systems

I worked with Sheri in the Nutrition Business. I was impressed with her ability to relate to others and lead them to their own success. She was self motivated, followed through on responsibilities and applied her own creative ideas. Sheri was admired for the way she handled her own personal difficulities and uses her experiences and training to help others see through their problems and view life from a positive aspect.  Cleta Heath, Shaklee Director

“Sheri is an excellent people person. She has an unique ability to understand people and be able to provide positive solutions to their questions. She has an amazing source of knowledge and is able to effectively utilize it to the best interest of her client. I give her a ten.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative. / Dolores Mason, Retired Telecommunications Consultant, Author

“Sheri is an amazing Leadership Coach. I believe her strong reliance upon God and the application of His principles are keys to her effectiveness in coaching. She has keen insight and expertise, an amazingly encouraging style and she speaks the truth in love. She uses prayer, gives information, insight and guidance to help you clearly define values to maximize your personal and professional balance in life. Words cannot express my gratitude for Sheri and how much her coaching has positively impacted my life. I highly recommend Sheri.”   Ann-Marie N.

“The decision to work with Sheri is one of the greatest choices I’ve made because she helped to alleviate the stress I was experiencing because I had no idea how to begin. With her direction and detailed instruction, I have been able to get organized. Sheri is there with you all of the way, supporting and motivating. Honestly, I can’t say enough about this lady!”                              Teresa R.

“Sheri Geyer is a person of honesty and integrity. I would highly recommend her!’   Kathy B.

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. I’ve only met Sheri once and that was through a phone conversation. With a shaky voice and tear stained eyes, I poured my heart out to her about my recent divorce. Sheri poured the love of God into me for almost 45 minutes. I had never experienced someone so passionate about God’s people. Sheri is a true disciple of Christ. I am excited and can not wait to see how God uses her in my life.


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